Custom Samsung Smart Tv Universal Rf Remote Control Codes

Custom Samsung Smart Tv Universal Rf Remote Control Codes

Custom samsung smart tv universal rf remote control codes packaging: 1.Usually use PE and carton packaging,1pcs in one PE bag. 2.According customer's asked packaging.

Product Details


1. Learning set-top box remote control: set-top box remote control + TV remote control combined into two;

2. With learning function, the remote control reserves the learning area of the TV remote control, and can control the TV through learning;

3. The buttons in the learning area can be repeatedly learned, and the new learning code covers the original learning code, and is permanently saved after power down;

4. Microcomputer processor (MCU) control, low power consumption, long transmission distance, simple operation and convenient use;

5. Beautiful appearance and comfortable hand;

6. Large buttons, feel comfortable, more suitable for the whole family.


Product Name
2016 new remote control for mag 254 iptv set-top box mag254
Model Number
Max Keys
black/white/custom code
nice ABS + Silicone

How to buy a remote control?

1. According to the shape and the puzzle function of the remote control, it can be applied consistently with the pictures on our webpage.

2. Check the English and Chinese models on your air conditioner/TV and use them in accordance with the applicable models in the details.

3. Only model models, no remote control models, contact customer service before ordering to confirm whether it can be used.

4. If the original remote control needs to buy a multi-function or general-purpose type, you can consult customer service to place an order.

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