Custom Mini Infrared Digital Photo Frame Remote Control

Custom Mini Infrared Digital Photo Frame Remote Control

We are professional manufacturer of remote control near 10 years with ISO9001 ISO14001 and CE certificate.

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Do you need an inexpensive way to activate things throughout the room? Infrared remotes are still the cheapest way to wirelessly control devices. Custom Mini Infrared Digital Photo Frame Remote Control is small, very simple and inexpensive. With this remote control, we can choose from 15 different control buttons, which is convenient for most remote control projects. The Mini Infrared Digital Remote is very compact and you can easily put it in your pocket, purse or wallet. If you want to attach the keychain to the key, it also has a powerful keychain clip.


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Manufacturer custom digital photo frame remote control Mini infrared remote control

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Although we offer an IR receiver, this remote can be used with many popular IR receiver ICs. This is very helpful for remote control projects such as the Arduino IR remote receiver. The PIN diode and preamplifier are assembled on the lead frame, while the PVC package is used as an IR filter. The demodulated output signal can be decoded directly by the microprocessor. Its receiver is compatible with all common infrared remote data formats. In order to power the control module, a CR2025 coin cell battery is recommended.

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