You Know The Phone Can Detect The Infrared Remote Control Launch Tube?

- Nov 23, 2016-

   We know that mobile phones can be used as a TV remote control to use, and in fact, mobile phone camera can also be used to detect infrared remote control launch tube.As long as you open the phone's camera can test the infrared emission tube is working to determine the problem is the remote control or TV or air conditioning and other equipment problems.Then the phone camera can detect infrared remote control of the launch tube of the principle of what is it?


   We know that light has different wavelengths. Most people's eyes can perceive the wavelength of electromagnetic waves between 400 ~ 760nm, and the remote control is issued by the infrared light. Infrared is a wavelength between the microwave and visible light between the electromagnetic waves, wavelengths in the 760 nm to 1 mm, longer than the red non-visible light. The wavelength of light in the visible range, the human eye can not see the light in this wavelength range, but the digital camera and cell phone photosensor can receive infrared, and can be used for imaging.


   In addition, because these infrared light will inevitably affect the image of the camera, and the camera in order to maximize the reduction of the naked eye to see the effect, it will generally increase in front of the camera IR cut filter ICF. However, these ICF filters do not block all of the infrared, so you can still see the remote with the phone lens.


The following is a mobile phone to detect infrared remote control launch tube steps:

       1, open the phone camera;

       2, the remote control of the front-emitting diodes at the phone camera lens;

       3, press any button on the remote control phone will be able to display light.


   After the test can be found, the more battery power is more light the stronger. This light is invisible to our eyes, but the phone lens can be detected, as long as the phone with any camera can. Coupled with the above said away, which is why the mobile phone detection infrared remote control launch tube.

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