When It Comes To Intelligence, What's The Problem With Air-conditioning?

- May 15, 2017-

There is a lot of talk about intelligence, but nowadays, intelligence is really the point of power. Since last year, the market for smart air conditioning has been filled with smoke. When air conditioning is expected to explode again in March, the team will continue to be smart. It's a hard work, but it's a different direction. From that, we can't help but ask:

What is intelligent air conditioning?

What is the highest? To borrow a passage from the words of men:

There are three kinds of things that can be done in the past: "last night, when the west wind was a green tree, it was a tall building, and it was the end of the world." This is the first frontier. "The dress is worn out," he said. This second frontier also. "When the crowd searched for him, he suddenly looked back, but the man was in the light of the light," the third frontier.

The intelligence of air conditioning can also be understood into three classes. In the first place, there is a big direction but no direction. Then you have a goal, but you experience it. Finally, through constant effort, I don't care about the way, the technique, the light, the realization.

  First level: connect home appliances with WIFI



Before the owner goes home, the scene is shown in countless promotional films, using an App to turn on the air conditioning to make the home warm. The first intelligent air conditioning products, mostly WIFI fitted on air conditioning to realize the remote control, it is more practical and most simple implementation, but technology thought it not intelligent.

After remote switching, the App has a richer feature. Such as a time switch, a sleep curve, a reminder. You can see it here, just remote intelligence instead of the remote. Air conditioning adds more intelligent features, and more patterns can be adjusted. Combining the visualizations of the App makes it easier to implement smart Settings.

This time is over, and techno thinks we've come to the second level.

  The second level: WIFI connectivity between different appliances



The rise of the Internet of things is an absolute milestone for smart air conditioning, breaking the single model of APP control and manipulating smart products remotely.

The previous article mentioned that App's controllability is limited to the capabilities of the smart air conditioning itself, and this is a way of expanding control. For example, TV and air conditioning are connected, the owner controls the TV to enter the evening mode, the light dimmed TV brightness is lowered, the air conditioning needs to slow the wind speed? This is the commonality of the instructions, and the air conditioning is more "eye-seeing".

The problem is the platform is still not perfect, although haier, midea, ali intelligence as well as some special do Internet companies are doing, but that on the one hand, it is unified to maximum effect.

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