What Kind Of Smart TV Remote Control Is Suitable For Us?

- Nov 17, 2016-

As smart TVs become more and more popular, the matching remote control is also gradually changing. With the smart TV's functions and services become more and more rich, the traditional remote control is too monotonous. So what kind of smart TV remote control is suitable for us?


1、Resistance to fallbecause the TV is for the whole family to use, can not be as careful as the use of mobile phones or tablet;


2、Good generality: even if the remote control is damaged, it can easily find the matching remote control;


3、Simple functionremote control function settings to be simplethe buttons are as few as possible;


4、The remote controlthe mouse:Smart TV remote control is possible to replace the mouse. But can not really let the remote control as a mouse, it is not so flexible;


5、Voice control:since it is a smart TV remote control, then the voice control function is indispensable;


6、Set-top box remote control: set-top box remote control has a learning function, a good compatibility with set-top boxes and tv. It can control you, you also want to be able to control it.

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