What Are The Parameters Of The Flap Gate Remote Control

- Apr 22, 2017-

What are the parameters of the flap gate remote control are small make up to introduce the key content of this paper.

Metal remote applications, mainly for the remote control electric gate car stop, remote control, remote control way gate doors, garage doors, sliding door, remote control fireworks ignitor of LED lights, remote control, remote control bus door, anti-theft alarm, electric door alarm, MP3 motorcycle anti-theft alarm, etc., as you are factory looking for us with the remote control is the right choice, we can according to your request, make corresponding remote control.


Model: HY - 006

Two key remote control main gm's brands are universal rolling codes zhongtian A, master, etc

Working voltage: DC12V (27 a / 12 v battery a grain)

The working current: 10 ma @ 12 v

Radiation power: 10 mw @ 12 v

Modulation mode: ASK (amplitude modulation)

Transmission frequency: 433 MHZ frequency stabilization (sound table)

Transmission distance: 30-50 m (open, receiver sensitivity is negative 100 DBM)

Encoder type: learn how to code rolling code

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