Week Of Conservation: We Can Do This

- Aug 02, 2017-

In recent years, due to the excessive use of high carbon energy, human beings have caused severe climate change and caused serious disasters to human life.

Since 1991, our country energy saving publicity week activities held in the second week of June each year, because after June with the hot weather, the large area of high frequency of air conditioning use will bring summer peak, causes the nationwide power shortage situation, is the purpose of energy saving week ahead of the summer peak, arouse people's energy saving consciousness.

As the general public, we seem to feel only related to industrial and agricultural production, energy conservation and emissions reduction, in fact, saving energy in our daily life style, also require the participation of every one, every one of us.

So, let's start a low-carbon life together.

1. Use the cloud remote control to control the air conditioning; Turn off the air conditioning a few minutes early.

Air conditioning refrigeration, set temperature every increase 1 ℃, power saving 8% ~ 8%, assuming in the original basis each air conditioning at 25 ℃ raised high set 1 ℃ to 26 ℃, can power saving a year 22 degrees, the corresponding carbon dioxide 21 kg. If this measure is taken on 150 million air conditioners across the country, it could save about 3.3 billion kilowatt of electricity a year, or 3.17 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Turn off the air conditioning three minutes before going out, and the carbon dioxide emissions will be 4.8kg, according to a conservative estimate of about 5 degrees per year. If the nation's 150 million air conditioners take this step, it can save about 750 million kilowatt of electricity each year, and 220,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, even if it's in a hurry to get out of the door and shut down.

2. Using cloud switch, people come to light and people go out of lights

Using cloud switch to realize the energy saving effect of people coming to light and the lights out. According to a conservative estimate of 100 million incandescent bulbs a year, it can save about 1.96 billion kilowattons of electricity a year, and 18.8 million tons of carbon dioxide.

3. Use the cloud socket to eliminate the standby power consumption

TV, washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioner, water dispenser and other appliances, still power consumption in standby mode. Using cloud socket, all can be cut off without standby electrical power supply, if 390 million households in the country after the power cut off power supply, can power saving a year is about 2.03 billion degrees, 16.02 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Without the use of a printer, the power will be cut off. Every year, 10 degrees can be saved and the corresponding carbon dioxide emission will be 9.6 kg. If the measure is taken on some 30 million printers across the country, the country could save about 300 million kilowattons of electricity a year, or 28.80 million tons of carbon dioxide.

4. Use the cloud socket for time management

Using cloud socket for time management for household electric equipment, such as family wireless router, has been in a state of electricity, in fact, in our work, we don't need a router. Through the cloud socket, we can freely according to their own habits of open time and allows the use of time, shut down automatically after the home, before we go home and open automatically, don't delay to use, and can save electricity, kill two birds with one stone, the most important thing is that, before this can only be operated manually by the user, sometimes forget, and now have a socket of cloud, you just need to enable the timing function regularity automatically, if there is the occasional home don't go home, go home in advance or delay, and so on and so forth, as long as by mobile phone APP can complete the change, without too much intervention, is very convenient.

In addition, we also can through the clothes by hand once a month, drive one day less a month, paper, double-sided printing, photocopying etc. Some can do small things in life to contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection, although be small things, but many a mickle makes a muckle, and will bring significant energy saving effect.

Small habits, great economy! Little things, reduce the earth, for healthy life!

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