Very Good Bluetooth Voice Flying Squirrel Remote Control

- Nov 19, 2016-

With the rapid progress of modern science and technology, the development of intelligent network television like riding a train, and the type and function of television is also more diverse, more intelligent. Now the TV with the computer almost, can achieve more and more functions, such as the Internet, the experience of the game, home entertainment video, online shopping, etc.. This shows a common phenomenon. Now, in addition to the traditional remote controller can realize the control function of TV, but also related to functions of the mouse, and for some more advanced applications, also need remote voice remote control function, so the empty rat was born.Now with more and more widely used in the set-top box and OTT box rampant in the domestic market, the Bluetooth voice flying squirrel remote control presumably will get more applications, so that customers feel convenient and intelligent control can be so calm.


As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle. Advanced intelligent display devices, of course, with a good remote control to reflect its best performance. Now the traditional remote control can only remote control TV and the realization of some of the more primitive additional features. In contrast, the Bluetooth voice flying squirrel remote control is very "tall on" the. Using this remote control, users do not need to put the mouse on any plane, and can move freely; you can define a variety of function keys, and autonomy is better; can transmit voice, call or voice control over the network.


So, such a Bluetooth voice flying squirrel remote control how to do it? Usually, in order to achieve the above functions, the general will choose to increase the gyroscope, magnetic sensors and other sensors, to greatly improve the sensitivity and response, in order to achieve the user gesture mobile control equipment. Nowadays, Huayun has developed a complete set of cost-effective, low-power Bluetooth voice flying squirrel remote control production program for the needs of the market. Hua Yun to do out of the flying mice, play up too exciting!


Hua Yun life only do one thing, that is, remote control. Because 10 years of focus on remote control manufacturing, so extraordinarily professional, able to fully meet customer and market user needs. Hua Yun has more than 1,000 sets of mold, with rich experience in the design of R & D, is the leading remote control program providers. Remote control, TV remote control, audio remote control, OTT remote control, Bluetooth remote control, 2.4G remote control, squirrel remote control, universal remote control, a variety of types of customers to match the needs of countries. Therefore, the customer needs to customize the remote control, then you may wish to look at Hua Yun Industry. Philips, Huawei, Humax, Changhong and other large enterprises in the world,Bluetooth voice flying squirrel remote control manufacturers, are you afraid of it? For more information, please call the hotline: 0769-8297700, or click on the site online consultation.

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