Universal Remote Control And Mobile Phone Universal Remote Control Is The Same?

- Jan 11, 2017-

    In this era, perhaps the universal remote control is not anything special, but often hear the word universal remote control phone. So, the two are the same thing? Have one of them? Things are not as simple as we think. Here , listen to Hua Yuns answer


    Mobile universal remote control is a product based on Andrews system. In other words, first of all your phone is built-in infrared function of the Andrews smart phones, and secondly, household appliances need to have infrared function. This mobile phone universal remote control can come in handy. It seems that without these conditions, cell phone universal remote control is difficult to achieve.


    Mobile universal remote control first need to download the remote control APP, and then use this APP to match with the appliance model, data, etc., before remote control. This remote control can control the equipment has air conditioning, TV, set-top boxes, refrigerators, fans, SLR, projectors, satellite set-top boxes, IPTV set-top boxes, LED lights and so on. To meet the above three conditions to become a useful "mobile phone universal remote control," whether it is useful to self-test.


    Universal remote control relative to mobile phone universal remote control is a ordinary remote control comes with a remote control system. It does not have to rely on software to achieve the remote control of home appliances. As for its universal remote control function, its remote control system itself with a lot of home appliances corresponding to the code, so it can remote control after it is connected with the home appliance code. However, the universal remote control is not the same as the mobile phone universal remote control which can remote control multiple series of home appliances. It is limited to remote control of the same type of product. Such as audio and video universal remote control, it can remote control TV, set-top boxes, game consoles and other products, can not remote control air-conditioning and other series of products.


     Each have their own advantages and prerequisites. Now, you can distinguish between the two of the relationship, right?

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