Universal Home Appliance Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

- Jun 05, 2017-

Seed Labs released its latest Silvair Control smart home wireless remote Control, the design purpose is to realize the simple and easy smart home, it can Control the shutter, electric lights, and other household equipment. Silvair Control is said to support "gesture Control", which connects tablets and smartphones via bluetooth. The device does not require wiring, a small disk device that is attached to a metal plate by magnetic absorption. Its batteries can last for up to eight years, depending on the frequency.


Seed Labs introduced the new bluetooth controller on March 15 and announced a partnership with Soraa, which will be able to manage Soraa's LED lights remotely, though the Soraa LED hasn't yet been launched.

The new device goes with Silvair Mesh. According to Seed Labs, Silvair Mesh is a "software that seamlessly connects multiple sensors and controllers".

You can Control other devices by turning and clicking Silvair Control. Silvair Control also automatically performs certain tasks based on your Settings. It can blend in any modern decoration style. You can take it on a metal plate that is installed on a fixed position and carry it with you.

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