TV Remote Transmit Power

- Oct 18, 2017-

TV Remote Transmit power

Therefore, in this "fast" word of the community, the speed has become a synonym for survival, of course, remote control industry is no exception. But blindly pursue the "fast" but also derived from a lot of problems, then the specific impact of wireless remote control distance factors which?

First, the transmission power: the transmission power is large distance, but the power consumption, easy to produce interference;

Second, the receiver sensitivity: receiver receiver sensitivity increases, remote control distance increases, but susceptible to interference caused by malfunction or out of control;

Third, the antenna: the use of linear antenna, and parallel to each other, remote control distance, but occupy a large space in the use of the antenna elongated, straightened to increase the distance from the remote control;

Fourth, the height: the higher the antenna, the farther away from the remote control, but subject to objective conditions;

Fifth, the block: the current use of the wireless remote control using the state of the UHF band, the propagation characteristics and optical approximation, linear transmission, diffraction is smaller, between the transmitter and the receiver if the wall block will greatly discount remote control distance, if Is the walls of reinforced concrete, due to the absorption of radio waves on the role of the impact even more.

Learning the remote control is able to receive and store the signals sent by other remote control. So the learning remote control is considered a universal remote control, because the learning remote control can control multiple devices.

Some infrared remote controls can send infrared and RF signals. RF signal does not refer to the control of RF equipment. But refers to the infrared remote control operating range from about 9 meters extended to about 30 meters and the signal can pass through the walls and glass cover. The remote control automatically transmits the infrared and RF signals for each command. When using the infrared / RF converter of the receiver terminal (some infrared / RF remote control is attached and some are sold as an accessory), it receives the signal and converts the signal into an infrared pulse that the device can understand. So that your infrared remote control can be from the upstairs bedroom to improve the volume of home theater.

The biggest advantage of radio frequency remote control is its range: they can be transmitted from the receiver up to 30, the wireless signal can cross the wall. Because of the above advantages, you will be everywhere to find home theater components of the infrared / RF remote control. These remote controls use an infrared / radio frequency converter to extend the transmission range of the infrared remote control. Infrared remote control function

Infrared remote control device includes infrared emission (ie remote control) and infrared reception of two parts. Infrared remote control has the following main functions:

1, suitable for encoding infrared remote control household appliances;

2, with a learning / control multiplex key, 5-10 device selection keys, 10-20 function control keys, by a device selection key and the various functions of the control key to achieve a control of a device;

3, through a device selection keys and various function control keys to achieve the common function of multiple devices to learn and control;

4, low cost, strong anti-interference ability.

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