TV Remote The Working Principle

- May 27, 2017-

  TV Remote invention

TV Remote (All-round wireless) TV remote control is a real lazy invention, today's remote control has many features, Samsung has even introduced a built-in operating system, intelligent remote control. But the world's first remote control by who invented, but also what kind of long? The answer is amazing, in 1961, RCA Victor produced the first wireless remote control, and the beginning of the full-featured, and now the basic function of the TV remote control similar to the color, brightness, sound, channel switching and tuning , Also includes remote switch machine, the appearance is very minimalism.

  TV Remote The TV remote control is a device for remote control of the machine. You can achieve the TV channel conversion and other functions.

  The TV remote control is a device for remote control of the machine. Modern remote control, mainly by the integrated circuit board and used to generate different messages composed of buttons. Built a computer called the CPU, the CPU is the computer, the CPU in the manufacture of TV will be a variety of menu password information into them, the TV's remote control transmitter as long as the corresponding password You can achieve the remote control of the TV.

  TV Remote The TV remote control relies on integrated circuits (also known as chips) to send instructions, the chip uses an 18-pin dual in-line package (dual in-line package abbreviated as DIP). On the right side of the chip, you can see a diode, a transistor (black, with three pins), a resonator (yellow), two resistors (green) and a capacitor (dark blue). There is also a resistor (green) and a capacitor (brown wafer) next to the battery contact. In this circuit, the chip can detect when a button is pressed. Then, it uses a similar Morse code in the form of key information encoded, each key coding are different. The chip will send these signals to the transistor for amplification, the signal enhancement.

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