TV Remote Power Supply

- Sep 26, 2017-

TV Remote Power supply

TV remote control what battery is good, with alkaline batteries or lithium battery is good?

      As for the TV remote control is the problem with alkaline batteries or lithium batteries, we have to analyze what the characteristics of the remote control is more suitable for use it.

      First of all alkaline batteries: alkaline dry electromagnetic use of chemical substances to provide electricity, can provide 1.5V voltage, TV remote control no special instructions are used 5V power supply to power. Second, the power to provide stability, the TV remote control requires a relatively stable power, alkaline batteries used in a one-time discharge. Lithium battery is used in 1.2V voltage, the two batteries in series to reach 2.4V, some remote control can be used, but there are still such problems, voltage stability and alkaline batteries almost, the advantages of lithium batteries is able to Many times charging, but also the performance of its waste of resources, remote control power consumption is small, a pair of batteries can generally have about 1 year.

     Integrated, the TV remote control should be used alkaline batteries. Remote control as an electronic product, of course, ultimately, the source of electricity, a good source of electricity to maintain a normal power supply to ensure that the remote control performance and health.

      The current remote control is the most commonly used button batteries and No. 5, No. 7 battery, if the remote control is used to maintain the button battery is much easier, after all, the battery button with a metal shell, good closure, , So as long as not fake and shoddy products have a good guarantee, if the use of button batteries, it should be noted that to keep dry, and after the battery should be used to replace or remove.

      If the remote control is used on the 5th, 7, then it should pay attention to the general battery can supply more than 1 year, so the quality of some of the dry battery requirements, because the use of dry batteries, dry batteries are not a lot of metal shell, in the A lot of cheap down the whole year there will be such a leak of the battery situation, dry electromagnetic leakage are a certain degree of corrosion, great damage to the remote control, every year tens of millions of remote control by cheap The battery leakage caused by varying degrees of injury, so the daily life of the remote control to do the relevant maintenance, if you are using a cheap battery to pay attention to the battery leakage, but can not put the battery in the remote control for a long time, At the same time no electricity to replace the remote control, which is not a good way, there is a good seal to buy a good metal shell of the battery, the battery in the power and stability are good for ordinary batteries, but the price Will be elevated.

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