TV Remote Factors Affecting Remote Control Distance Of Remote Control

- Sep 15, 2017-

TV Remote Factors Affecting Remote Control Distance of Remote Control

Now the rapid development of society, and now every household appliances will be equipped with a variety of infrared remote control function, and those random configuration of the infrared remote control can not be normal use of the situation also frequently plagued the majority of users, Here electronic to provide you with a simple and practical way to identify the infrared remote control is damaged.

Methods as below:

As long as you have a camera with a camera function, then put your phone in the camera state, infrared remote control properly installed qualified battery, the remote control launch window at the phone camera, press the button on the remote control, if the remote control Normal, it will be seen from the phone screen to send a clear red dot, otherwise, that is, remote control failure, and this method to adapt to any one remote control using infrared remote control, you can detect any remote control The operation of a button, if only the individual button can not move, there is a hands-on ability of friends can own demolition in the corresponding conductive block with a high B pencil Tu Tu, generally return to normal, if the row or It is usually 455K crystal (square yellow) damage, in the operation of these operations, first to confirm whether the battery is properly installed, and whether the battery compartment reed is damaged, if not Hands-on ability only by hand repair staff to help you repair. Factors affecting the remote control remote control distance are the following factors:

1, the transmission power: the transmission power is large distance, but the power consumption, easy to produce interference;

2, the receiver sensitivity: receiver receiver sensitivity increases, remote control distance increases, but susceptible to interference caused by malfunction or out of control;

3, the antenna: the use of linear antenna, and parallel to each other, remote control distance, but occupy a large space, in the use of the antenna elongated, straightened to increase the remote control distance;

4, height: the higher the antenna, the farther away from the remote control, but subject to objective conditions;

5, blocking: the current use of the wireless remote control using the national UHF band, its propagation characteristics and optical approximation, linear transmission, diffraction is smaller, between the transmitter and the receiver if the wall barrier will greatly discount remote control distance, if it is Reinforced concrete walls, because the conductor of the absorption of radio waves, the impact even more.

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