TV Remote Core Part

- Jul 13, 2017-

TV Remote core part

What is the core technology of wireless remote control in the end?

  If you are familiar with the principles and technology of wireless remote control, then you buy a wireless remote control when it is undoubtedly a great help, do not say whether to buy fake, at least you can not guarantee that unscrupulous business . Because it knows the wireless remote control technology that is not difficult, then what is the core technology of wireless remote control? What is the core technology of wireless remote control in the end?

    There are two core parts of the wireless infrared remote control in the wireless remote control.

   Anrui intelligent remote control engineers in the technical discussion forum from the most basic wireless remote control technology concept described the core of wireless remote control technology.

   First of all, we from the wireless infrared remote control structure, the wireless remote control part of the launch of the most important components for the infrared light-emitting diodes. It is actually a special light-emitting diode, because its internal material is different from the ordinary light-emitting diodes, so at both ends of the application of a certain voltage, it is issued by the infrared rather than visible light. That is, we in the process of remote control to see the red light flashing instructions. From the wavelength point of view, the current large number of infrared light emitting diodes issued by the infrared wavelength of about 940nm, shape and ordinary light-emitting diodes the same, but the color is different.

  In fact, we look at the wireless part of the second most important part of the remote control. In the wireless remote control which receives the main part of the infrared receiver diode, generally round and square two. Its important role is to apply in the practical application of the infrared receiver diode reverse bias, it can work properly, that is, infrared receiver diode in the circuit is used in reverse use, so as to get a higher sensitivity. This phenomenon should not be difficult to understand, because in the actual use of the process which will encounter such as the TV has not responded or delayed a few seconds or more to react. The main reason is because the infrared light emitting diode transmission power is generally small (100mW or so), so the infrared receiver diode to receive the signal is relatively weak, it is necessary to increase the high gain amplifier circuit, in recent years, most of the use of finished infrared receiver head. Of course, with our Aurui intelligent remote control series of product receiver is a big difference, this look will be able to know.

   Currently on the market of finished infrared receiver head of the package generally have two: one with a metal shield; one is plastic packaging. There are three pins, namely power supply positive (VDD), power supply negative (GND) and data output (VOUT). Infrared receiver pin arrangement because of different models and not the same, you can refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Finished infrared receiver has the advantage of no need for complex debugging and shell shielding, use it as a transistor, very convenient. But pay attention to the carrier frequency of the finished infrared receiver when used. Has been the cost of remote control and price are remote control manufacturers and consumers are one of the topics of common concern. One to really want to buy their own remote control must be on the remote control of the relevant knowledge to understand. Today, Anrui smart remote control Xiaobian to analyze the simple infrared remote control circuit and 8-bit micro-controller circuit What is the difference, which is the cost of remote control is also a key factor.

   First of all, we look at the simple infrared remote control circuit.

Normally, the remote control R & D team in the development of a remote control products will think of its application occasions, and then according to the application of the occasion to the remote control positioning. In applications where no multiple control is required, a single-channel infrared remote control circuit consisting of conventional circuits can be used. This remote control circuit does not require the use of more expensive dedicated decoder, so the cost is low.

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