TV Remote Communication Technology

- Oct 10, 2017-

TV Remote Communication Technology

What is the function of the TV infrared remote control? Infrared remote control technology developed in the infrared communication technology, the use of infrared to transmit data, is a wireless communication technology. Infrared communication technology does not require physical connection, easy to use and low cost, and thus widely used in small mobile devices to exchange data and electrical equipment control, such as televisions, air conditioners, game consoles and other remote control.

= Since the infrared remote control signal is not able to penetrate the wall, it is not necessary to set the remote control frequency or code for each set (transmitter and receiver) as in the case of a wireless remote controller for designing a home appliance. , It will partition the wall control or interference with the neighbors of household appliances), so similar products infrared remote control, you can have the same remote control frequency or coding, and no remote control signal "door" situation. This is for the mass production and in the popularity of infrared on the home appliances provide a great convenience. Of course, very few users to the two brands of the same infrared receiver equipment at home with the same range, such as two next to the same type of TV (resulting in a remote control can simultaneously control two devices)

But also because of the direct characteristics of infrared, infrared communication technology is not suitable for transmission barriers more places, this occasion generally use radio communication technology or Bluetooth technology. Infrared communication technology in most cases, the transmission distance is short, the transmission rate is not high. Remote control is a wireless transmitter device, through the modern digital coding technology, the key information encoding, through the infrared diode light emission, why the remote control can control the TV? Specifically by the remote control manufacturers Yakuan watches for your detailed introduction.

Light wave by the receiver of the infrared receiver will receive the infrared signal into electrical signals into the processor to decode, demodulate the corresponding instructions to control the set-top box and other equipment to complete the required operational requirements.

The passenger door remote control is the latest technology to decode the code to flash the way to control the door pump solenoid valve to achieve the purpose of switching automatic doors. For the bus (bus, CMB) remote control open, off the door, to avoid the driver every time you need to open the door to the trouble. The main components of the transmitter part of the remote control for the infrared light-emitting diodes. It is actually a special [3] light-emitting diode, because its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, so at both ends of the application of a certain voltage, it will be issued [4] infrared rather than visible light. Remote control part of the infrared remote control transmitter, remote control receiver and control circuit. The basic working principle is: infrared transmitter issued infrared remote control signal, through the infrared receiver circuit amplification processing, and then sent to the microprocessor, after decoding into the corresponding control signal.

Only by coding the same, can receive control. Such as the same model of the remote control, can be used for all applicable models.

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