TV Did Not React Because The LED Lamp Remote Control Did Not Carry On The Code

- Dec 08, 2016-

Some friends must have encountered the following situation: the new TV itself button can be used normally, but the remote control in the battery is unable to remote control. What the hell is this? Seems to be a problem with the remote control. The quality of the remote control is no problem, then it is possible that the TV remote control is not on the code. How should the LED lamp TV remote control on the code it?


With the TV turned on, press the "#" key on the remote control for more than 3 seconds, and press the remote control closer to the area within 5 cm below the remote control. The power indicator of the remote control will start flashing blue light quickly, please release the "#" key to keep the remote control in the code area. The remote control's blue power indicator and microphone indicator light flash at the same time three times, this time on the code operator is completed.


If the code is successful after the remote control will be restored to the initial state of power. If the code is not successful, the remote control indicator will return to normal flashing state, then repeat the above operation to re-code.


Today, more and more brands of smart TVs, TV remote control is no longer a single. Sometimes, the need for remote control on the code, but each kind of remote control on the code method is not the same, such as LED lamp remote control on the code method with other learning type remote control on the code method is not the same. So, look at the instructions to give the remote control code.

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