The Main Function Of Smart Remote Control Is Introduced

- May 10, 2017-

The smart remote is a smart TV app that allows you to replace the regular remote with a smart remote and get more of the good experience of watching TV. Here's a look at the functions of a smart remote control.

Intelligent remote control can browse family support DLNA equipment in local area network (LAN), such as the installation of Windows 7 PC, the PC share of media content such as audio, video, pictures, through the intelligent remote control broadcast on television. You can also use the multimedia content on your phone or tablet to be broadcast on TV via the Internet.

A smart remote control can replace a common remote. Realize the use of mobile phone, tablet computer control TV. You can switch the TV channel, control the volume, and switch quickly to the designated application.

A smart remote can simulate a wireless mouse. By simulating a wireless mouse, the smart remote allows you to use more intelligent applications without being tied to a traditional wired mouse and more comfortable watching TV.

A smart remote can simulate a wireless keyboard. Use your phone or tablet directly and start typing.

These are the features of the smart remote.


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