The Invention Of The TV Remote Control

- Sep 20, 2016-

(Universal wireless) is nothing short of a lazy man invented the remote control of the TV, remote control today have many features, Samsung has even launched an intelligent remote control built-in operating system. But who invented the world's first remote control, then what is it? the answer surprisingly, 1961, RCA Victor produced the first wireless remote control, and fully functional at the outset, and now the TV remote control basic functions similar to include color, brightness, sound, channel switching, and tuning functions, includes remote switch machine, the appearance is also very minimalist.
TV remote control mainly relying on integrated circuits (also referred to as chips) to send command, the chip uses the 18-pin dual in-line package (dual in-line package abbreviated DIP). Chip on the right, you can see a diode and a transistor (black, having three pins), a resonator (yellow), two resistors (green), and a capacitor (dark blue). There is a resistor next to the battery contacts (green), and a capacitor (small round Brown). In this circuit, the chip can detect when a button is pressed. It then used encoding in a form similar to the Morse code key, encoding of each key is different. Chip will send these signals to the transistor amplifier, signal enhancement.

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