The Evolution Of TV Remote Control

- Sep 20, 2016-

1950 the first birth of wired/wireless remote control
Until 1950, the wired remote controller this vision has finally become a reality. United States company called Zenith Electronics Corporation (later acquired by LG), developed the first TV remote control, products for the cable remote control. Then the time to 1955, also said that the same company, invented something called "Flashmatic" wireless remote control device. But the remote control devices cannot tell whether the beam is coming from, but also the necessary alignment can control, operational control, and therefore have not been market acceptance and popularity.

1956 birth ultrasonic remote control
In 1956, Luobo·aidele (Robert Adler) developed "Zenith Space Command", it is the use of ultrasound to adjust channels and the volume and frequency of each key issue, but such a device might be general ultrasonic interference, such as sounds made by animals or other people can't hear ultrasonic, so there are a lot of limitations.

1961 the true meaning of wireless remote control
Said in front of the remote control, you can only adjust the volume and switch functionality which is scarce, until 1961, multi-function remote vision has finally become a reality. From the United States by RCA Victor company produced the world's first wireless remote control, this wireless remote control while the exterior is more shocking, as thick as a brick. But in terms of function, never losing to some later old remote control products, like used to switch channels, sound adjustment, such as color, brightness adjustment function, can be said to be father of the remote control.

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