The Differences Of RF 2.4G Remote Control And Bluetooth Remote Control

- Jan 21, 2019-

Bluetooth remote control is a supplementation to RF 2.4G remote control. So How does it make supplementations? Now , we will certainly discuss about it with three factors , standard protocol , electrical power consumption and function.

Standard protocol 

Operating frequency of RF 2.4G remote control is 2.402G--2.480G Auto standard protocol , so that different 2.4G chips are incompatible. Bluetooth remote control as well base on 2.4G frequency, however it work with IEEE802.15 standard Bluetooth protocol, different chips can link to each other. Specially Bluetooth 4.0, it can link with many user of different system.

Electrical power consumption 

When RF 2.4G remote control is in sleeping model, its usage is much less than 10uA. While it is in mouse dynamics condition, its usage is less than 18mA. While it is in voice functionality, its usage is less than 40mA. Bluetooth 3.0 is very similar to RF 2.4G remote control, but in Bluetooth 4.0 the differences is specific. When Bluetooth remote control is in sleep model, its energy consumption is less than 5uA. When it is in mouse function, its usage is less than 5mA. When it is in voice function, its usage is less than 18mA. Bluetooth 4.0 is less than RF 2.4G remote control in electrical power consumption by its Bluetooth low consumption technology.


There are three major keys in RF 2.4G remote control, they are HID key(mouse), motion sensing game key and voice. Bluetooth support mouse, and voice.

If consumers have used Bluetooth remote control, they can feel the amazing of its low power consumption. It is in line with national environmentally friendly development policies, and it features are become more and more. Huayun think that remote control is moving towards to a more smart and environmentally friendly way.

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