The Advantage Of Infrared Remote Control

- May 06, 2017-

Infrared remote control is not affected by the surrounding environment, do not interfere with other electrical equipment. Because it can not penetrate the wall, so the different rooms of household appliances can use a common remote control without mutual interference; circuit debugging is simple, as long as the given circuit connection is correct, generally without any debugging can be put into work; Easy, can be multi-channel remote control. Therefore, now infrared remote control in household appliances, indoor close (less than 10 meters) remote control has been widely used. Radio remote control The radio remote control (RF Remote Control) is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control a variety of mechanisms in the distance. These signals can be commanded or driven by a variety of other mechanical or electronic equipment to complete various operations such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, starting the motor, and then performing the required operation by these machines. As a kind of remote control with infrared remote control, it has been widely used in garage door, electric door, barkeeper remote control, burglar alarm, industrial control and wireless intelligent home.


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