Teach You To Identify The Electronic Scale For Cheating Remote Control

- Apr 27, 2017-

First, look for the "change of money" function

Introduce according to professional personage, cheating scales are cheated by changes of the realization of the function of the electronic scale function keys, that is to say, after cheating, electronic scale on the function keys will lose its function. Some electronic scale have function of "change", said after the scales show unit price and amount, then press the "change" button and enter the payment amount, electronic scale can directly display should look for the amount of money. After cheating, the "change the money" function will fail.

Second, observe the traders

When a vendor is describing something, he can observe whether his hands and feet touch the functional keys on the scale, which may be a switch. In general farmers' markets, for example, there is a lot of goods and prices will change almost every day, so they will not set "preset" prices on the electronic scale. If a vendor keeps pressing the "preset" button, it is possible to kill the scales.

Step 3: call the immediate reading

If you're using a remote control scale, you're not going to be able to do something about it. However, you can take things off immediately and see if the balance is negative. If the scale is remote controlled by remote control, the merchant should immediately press the remote control. Usually, the vendor will take things down and reset the button. If you suddenly "start," he is caught off guard and the balance will be negative.

The fourth move: watch the electronic scale seal

The electronic scales on the market are generally required to be inspected annually, and if you see a green certificate on the scale, it is a reassurance scale. At the same time, the farmers' market or large supermarkets will place a few fair scales, which citizens can test if they are found to be able to report to the industry and Commerce Department.


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