Switch Trouble? A Remote Control That Controls All Electrical Appliances

- Jun 30, 2017-

A universal remote controlled by NEEO, which claims to be able to run a remote control, has been under a lot of attention recently, and its presence means it will be able to control all of its appliances in the future.

Switch trouble? A remote control that controls all electrical appliances

The remote control that controls all appliances

The device consists of two parts: the thing that looks like a round plate is connected to an electrical appliance, which we call the host; As for the object that looks like an early straight phone, nature is an operable remote control. In addition, there is a related software APP which can be downloaded and used on mobile phones. The host can support low power consumption bluetooth 4.0, wi-fi, IPv6 protocol low power wireless personal LAN 6LowPAN, ZigBee, wireless network protocol Thread, z-wave, and 360-degree infrared. It can recognize more than 30,000 devices, China's haier, haixin, Korea LG, samsung, Japan's sharp, SONY and other brands of familiar face brands. NEEO has also been able to work with the mainstream audio-video devices, such as DVD players, ten years ago.

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