STB Remote Operation To Use

- Sep 15, 2017-

STB Remote Operation to use

Set-top box remote control using the tips!

      Using the remote control to operate these appliances is not only simple but also greatly reduces the trouble of our operation. When watching TV when the set-top box is also commonly used in our equipment, usually set-top box will also configure a remote control, when the set-top box remote control should be how to do it? To provide you with the most simple solution to explain.

Daily use of household appliances when we will inevitably encounter the problem of machine failure, as we mentioned here, like the top box remote control, the use of a long time will be bad. Usually we encounter the remote control is broken, many people are choosing to re-purchase a TV set-top box remote control, but you know if your TV set-top box remote control is not very bad, we simply repair a repair or can of. If you are interested in the TV set-top box remote control method, take a look at Xiaobian you introduced to the TV set-top box remote control the most simple way to deal with it.

Use the old set-top box of the remote control, often there will be no response to the button, this time not for Taiwan (channel) is not tune the sound, anyway, press the button to give you no response, or occasionally give you about. Especially the channel up and down the button will appear this phenomenon, people feel bored, irritable to the top of the abandoned abandoned new.

Top box remote control is broken first to check the remote control is not there, if it is because there is no electricity, and very simple for a pair of batteries just fine. Infrared can not react to see if it is because there is something that covers the infrared launcher. If the remote control is wet, remove the battery, inside the hair dryer with dry, and then try. These simple methods can solve some of the problems, but if still not, to consider the repair of a little repair or repair, or buy one. Usually watching TV in the process, do not let the remote control often fall or not easy to bad.

Secondly, it is often because the conductive layer of the key is gradually worn out for a long time. Open the remote control shell, you can see, the original exposed to the remote control shell outside of a button in fact behind the shell is a soft plastic sheet together, the back of each button is a concave core pit, This is to make the button to produce the role of elasticity; and concave core pit center has a small pills-shaped black round cap, which is said that the conductive layer. It is in the button when pressed with the circuit board, so that the line through the conductive layer connected to form the role of the switch. The frequent use of the key, its long-term wear, so that the conductive layer depleted, so that the contact resistance between the circuit board is growing, the loss of the function of the switch.

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