STB Remote Maintain A Little Common Sense

- Oct 18, 2017-

STB Remote Maintain a little common sense

We all know that the remote control is an important part of flat-panel TV, but people are often in the process of using the TV remote control is prone to failure, in order to allow you to better avoid damage to the remote control, then we summed up the 4 Point remote control maintenance of small common sense, I hope you do not miss.

1, the use of remote control, the distance between the remote control and remote control receiver should not exceed 10 meters, the use of the remote control should be aimed at the direction of electrical reception, left and right deviation angle can not exceed 25 degrees.

2, between the remote control and the receiver can not have obstacles, such as people, objects, etc., so as not to block the normal transmission of infrared light, so that the remote control failure.

3, the use of remote control should avoid strong light, including sunlight, light exposure, or will affect the use of remote control effect.

4, long-term do not have remote control, the box should be removed inside the battery, so as to avoid leakage of electrolyte inside the battery box components. Today's color TV, all kinds of disc players, home theater and other audio, video devices and air conditioners and other household appliances are mostly remote control type, and is all-infrared remote control type. Admittedly, the use of infrared remote control skills in the operation of the electrical operation is indeed very convenient, petite remote control in the hands of the control is sensitive and comfortable, desirable.

Infrared remote control system is generally composed of two parts of the transmitter and receiver.

The transmitter is composed of a command key, a command signal generating circuit, a modulation circuit, a driving circuit and an infrared radiator. When the command key is pressed, the command signal generating circuit will generate the required control signal, the control command signal modulation by the modulation circuit, after all, by the drive circuit to drive the infrared transmitter, announced the infrared remote control command signal.

The receiver is composed of an infrared receiving device, a preamplifier circuit, a demodulation circuit, a command signal detection circuit, a memory and a driving circuit, and a circuit. When the infrared receiving device receives the infrared signal of the transmitter, it will be infrared light signal into an electrical signal and sent to the front expansion circuit to expand, and then after the demodulator, the signal detection circuit will check the signal , And finally by the memory circuit and drive circuit to drive the implementation of the circuit to achieve a variety of operations.

The use of infrared remote control

Infrared remote control because of the remote control interval, viewpoints and other effects, the effect is not very good, such as the use of FM or amplitude modulation launch coding, you can improve the remote control interval, and no point of view. Infrared remote control transmitter and receiver module can be used in indoor infrared remote control, it does not affect the surrounding environment, do not disturb other electrical equipment. Because it can not penetrate the wall, so not the same room appliances can use the universal remote control and do not produce each other disturb; circuit debugging is simple, as long as the given circuit convergence is correct, generally without any debugging can be put into operation; Decoding is simple, can be multi-channel remote control. Now infrared remote control in household appliances, indoor remote control has been widely used in remote control.

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