STB Remote Launch Circuit

- Oct 27, 2017-

STB Remote Launch circuit

Why is the remote control infrared Low cost, not susceptible to interference, penetrating ability, low power consumption, the specific details of the electronic for you to introduce.

The remote control consists of infrared receiving and transmitting circuit, signal conditioning circuit, central controller 8031. Program and data memory, keyboard and status indication circuit. Infrared electromagnetic waves longer wavelength, penetrating transparent glass, plastic parts of the strong, while not susceptible to other light effects. In fact, the most critical is that the user infrared remote control to achieve the lowest cost, the most stable quality. In general, home infrared remote control are 1M to 10M remote control distance, if the distance is too short, such as rely on the TV close, why infrared remote control to be closer? 1, there may be battery no electricity, and approach: change the battery.

2, or the battery tank oxidation bad contact, approach: with a knife and so scratch the oxide layer.

3, then the infrared launch tube aging or inside the crystal is broken, the approach: will repair the words to buy back to be replaced, will not take to repair, 5 dollars in general, or to buy a new one. The general distance of the computer remote control will be about 10 meters, and some remote control that there are more than ten meters that is only in the case of sufficient battery distance can be achieved; due to the presence of infrared receiver reception angle constraints, and thus the installation of the receiver, Also pay attention to the receiver on the easy to see where the receiver can not be blocked before the opaque object, so that the receiver can not receive the signal, and can not be computer remote control.

In the remote control computer, the remote control to the receiving part of the receiver, the deviation of the best in the upper, lower, left and right within 60 degrees, then the strongest signal. But in the room due to the reflection of the wall can also achieve all-round reception. There is to avoid the sun or fluorescent lamp directly to the receiver window, so as not to cause strong light interference, mainly in the absence of remote control, the light will flash from time to time. With the large-scale promotion of digital TV in the country, remote control learning function has also been applied to a large area of the set-top box supporting products - infrared remote control. Learning function as a major function is a large area of application or very rare. Thus, learning the remote control in use there is a lot of problems. As a result, there is a problem that the judgment of the remote controller is good or bad.

Each program developer said his own good, also lists a series of indicators. Because there is no national standard, so set-top box factory and radio and television companies in the selection and procurement of remote control, although a lot of requests, especially when it comes to "can learn 99.9% of the market remote control", but when The relevant responsible person to get a learning remote control, how to test and determine whether this remote control can meet the requirements of it? I think that no unit has been able to do the work properly.

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