Remote Control The Principle Is As Follows

- Jul 28, 2017-

Remote Control The principle is as follows

Speaking of remote control Many people know that the infrared remote control is used as a medium of light, to achieve the principle of remote control, right infrared remote control is the light of the technology, that if your child is very smart, love to ask questions, then he asked: Not to face the TV's hole to remote control, can be remote control? This is indeed a very bad answer to the question, then we ask a remote control knowledge to answer for you.

      At present, most of the remote control are not facing the remote control, as long as a can, the principle is as follows: If you use that more than 10 dollars of the laser beam that you know, in 10 meters distance, is a line Of the light is a straight line of communication This is true, but if the distance away, the beam is getting bigger and bigger, right is a mere scattering, and remote control remote control what is the relationship, this association can be Large, the light scattered in the air small, but the transformation of the glass so that the light emitted by the remote control scattering, and then spread out to form a regional range of remote control, which is why the remote control does not have to face the receiver, because The remote control is not a light beam but a light that people can not see.

    Last time we talked about the remote control remote control principle, that the remote control is light, through the optical frequency to achieve remote control. If your child has a day to ask, the remote control is light that did not see how the light from the remote control to shoot it, not to say that the remote control through the light to pass it? The following questions asked by the remote control to answer.

        In fact, many people think that during the day is to see the light, the torch is issued to the dish is light, this understanding is wrong, we often see the sun or light is one of the light, light range is Wide, is based on wavelength and frequency to distinguish, standing in the human point of view, can be divided into visible and invisible light, remote control is used in infrared technology is a member of the visible light, in fact, many items can send infrared light , So there are thermal imaging technology, even the human body can be issued infrared light knowledge of human beings can not see it. Many people in the use of TV remote control when only with the control of the remote control can only remote control equipment, it is estimated that no one will control this problem, but if your family has a love of children, ask how do you answer here What if you were not the majesty of your parents?

       If you read the book finished junior high school, then you must come into contact with light, light in the physical textbook as a big chapter to introduce, in explaining this chapter a lot of teachers will talk about the TV remote control, because the remote control is used The principle of light. In fact, when the original design of the remote control when taking into account the characteristics of light, remote control is a light transmitter, under the control of electronic components, and then according to different buttons to produce different pulses of light to the receiver, the receiver according to the original Rules to translate, and then make a different action.

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