Remote Control Remote Control Receiver

- Sep 15, 2017-

Remote Control Remote control receiver

Remote control is an important part of flat-panel TV, but people often use the TV in the process of remote control is very prone to failure, in order to allow you to better avoid damage to the remote control, the following for everyone to sum up the 4-point remote control Little common sense.

1. When using the remote control, the distance between the remote control and the remote control receiver should not exceed 10 meters. When using the remote control, the remote control should be aimed at the receiving direction of the electric appliance, and the angle of deviation can not exceed 25 degrees.

 2. There is no obstacle between the remote control and the receiver, such as people, objects, etc., so as not to block the normal transmission of infrared, so that the remote control failure.

 3. Use the remote control should avoid strong light, including sunlight, light exposure, or will affect the use of remote control effect.

 4. Long time without remote control, the box should be removed inside the battery, so as not to leak out of the electrolyte inside the battery box components.

Infrared remote control of its core components is the encoding chip, the need to achieve the operation of the instructions such as channel selection, fast forward and other pre-coding, after receiving the device to control and then control the relevant parts to perform the appropriate action. Obviously, the receiving circuit and the CPU are also designed with the remote control code. The code is output by carrier, that is, all the pulse signals are modulated on the carrier, the carrier frequency is usually 38 K. Carrier is the electrical signal to drive the infrared light-emitting diode, the electrical signal into an optical signal is emitted, this is the infrared light, Ranging from 840nm to 960nm. At the receiving end, it is necessary to turn the infrared light signal into an electrical signal through the photodiode, which is converted into the original pulse coded signal by the steps of amplification, shaping and demodulation, and completes the transmission of the remote command. This is a very complicated process.

Infrared emission tube is usually between the angle of 30-45 degrees, the angle of the distance is short, and vice versa. Remote control on the optical axis of the remote control distance can be greater than 8.5 meters, with the optical axis into 30 degrees (horizontal) or 15 degrees (vertical) is greater than 6.5 meters, in some specific applications will give full consideration to the application target, Angle between need to find a balance.

For the remote control involves several major problems

1. The infrared signal emitted by the remote control drives the infrared ray tube and must emit infrared light with a wavelength range of about 940 nm. Since the receiving diode of the infrared receiver is mainly sensitive to this part of the infrared light signal. If the wavelength range is not in this column, To achieve the purpose of control. However, almost all of the infrared home appliances remote control are to follow this standard. Because of this physical basis, multi-in-one remote control is possible to make.

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