Remote Control Performance Of The Remote Control

- Aug 10, 2017-

Remote Control Performance of the remote control

We talked about the impact of a price of the four factors: IC chip assembly, shell material, conductive silicone and small posts. Each factor independent of each other and complement each other to determine the price of a remote control. Today is the fifth speaker of the price of the remote control, but also the last one, involving the components of the remote control components, including: circuit boards, crystal, silk screen, diodes, capacitor resistors, display and other components. But these parts and the front that is not the same, most of these components are directly outside the order, not the factory direct production, so here I put these together to form today's fifth lecture.

       First, the remote control circuit board. Circuit board as a remote control of the core components of the carrier, the performance of the remote control is also a huge impact. The price of the circuit board is very simple, in general, a remote control circuit board bigger and thicker, the higher his price. Second, remote components on the remote control. The components here include chips, crystal, launch tube, diodes, capacitors, resistors, springs, etc. welding on the circuit board components. The price of these parts is generally calculated in terms of quantity. The more the number of these components, the more expensive the price. Third, remote control panel screen printing. Silk screen involves a lot of processes and processes, involving the conductive silica gel silk screen and remote control panel screen printing. This is the same reason, the more silk screen things, keep the longer, the price is certainly the more expensive. Silk screen is a remote control personalized custom is indispensable, but also the first impression of consumers, to a large extent affect the consumer's desire to buy, so it is a very important step in the remote control. Generally the size of the remote control manufacturers, are their own silk screen Department, which is a test of a remote control manufacturers strength of an indicator.

       Fourth, remote control display. In the remote control price, almost the overall price of air conditioning remote control is higher than the price of the TV remote control, this part of the price difference is the difference between the display. The size of the display, the material has affected the price of a remote control. In general, the larger the monitor screen, the better the material, the price of the remote control is more expensive. The last one, the remote control of the special features. The remote control as a tool, to a large extent, is convenient for our lives. But the community in progress, we also give the remote control can have more practical features. For example, the remote control comes with backlight button and flashlight function, let us operate at night more convenient; remote control comes with the voice function, let our operation more profile, home appliances more intelligent. Remote control comes with somatosensory function, let us in the man-machine interaction more fun. Remote control comes with the WIFI module, through the phone, let us remote control air conditioning TV.

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