Remote Control Key Failure Maintenance Experience Charger Maintenance

- Jun 02, 2017-

Ordinary TV remote control is broken in a universal remote control can be directly, but there are some appliances remote control is hard to match, such as projector remote control, it is not as good as color pattern in the remote control color TV and damaged it is hard to match the original remote control is with the price is very expensive, so the projector remote maintenance is still a "rich", recently I have fixed a sharp projector remote control, fault to switch button failure. Due to the projector switch buttons used frequently, coupled with the projector remote control buttons of the conductive rubber contact is lesser, found in many projector maintenance switch button on the remote control, caused the failures of the remote control can't open the projector, the maintenance of the remote control method, as shown in the figure below, this method can apply to all ordinary remote control:

The remote maintenance

After receiving a remote control to repair, the pointer multimeter at first R x 1 k block, in a infrared receiving diode, black pens and pick up the positive, red pens and the negative electrode, need to repair the remote control equipped with batteries, good infrared receiving diode to push Ren Yijian, if the multimeter pointer deflection a little bit, show the normal remote control launch; If the pointer doesn't move, the remote control is bad. Unwrapped the remote control, the multimeter dc 10 v block, battery voltage, at the same time press Ren Yijian, if the voltage decline slightly, infrared transmitting tube is bad, can change a new attempt; If the voltage doesn't go down, check 455kHz for a new test. If the voltage is low or no voltage at all, a new battery can be replaced, and sanded the battery box with sandpaper. If a key is found to be invalid, it can be used on the contact surface of the key, cut off the corresponding cigarette aluminum foil paper, and use the strong adhesive to dry it.

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