Remote Control Infrared Reception

- Oct 27, 2017-

Remote Control Infrared reception

Infrared remote control is a remote control can be remote control of many household appliances for people to solve most of the household appliances have their own different remote control, often in order to control a electrical and everywhere to find their corresponding remote control trouble. The remote control can be self-learning and has a number of electrical remote control function, that is, time-saving, and effort, so that people away from the face of many remote control functions.

Infrared remote control function

Infrared remote control device includes infrared emission (ie remote control) and infrared reception of two parts. Infrared remote control has the following main functions:

1, suitable for encoding infrared remote control household appliances;

2, with a learning / control multiplex key, 5 - 10 device selection keys, 10 - 20 function control keys, by a device selection key and the various functions of the control key to achieve a control of a device;

3, through a device selection keys and various function control keys to achieve the common function of multiple devices to learn and control;

4, low cost, strong anti-interference ability.

Infrared remote control principle

Infrared remote control is generally composed of two parts of the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter consists of a command key, a command signal generating circuit, a modulation circuit, a driving circuit and an infrared transmitter. When the command key is pressed, the command signal generating circuit generates the required control signal, the control instruction signal is modulated by the modulation circuit, and finally the infrared circuit is driven by the driving circuit to emit the infrared remote control instruction signal.

Receiver by the infrared receiver device, preamplifier circuit, demodulation circuit, the command signal detection circuit, memory and drive circuit, the implementation of circuit components. When the infrared receiver device receives the infrared signal of the transmitter, it will be infrared signal into an electrical signal and sent to the preamplifier circuit to enlarge, and then after the demodulator, the signal detection circuit will be detected by the instruction signal, Finally, by the memory circuit and drive circuit to drive the implementation of the circuit, to achieve a variety of operations.

Now on the market remote control dazzling, good and bad, the price from 20 yuan to 700 yuan; love more than 700 yuan 2.4G wireless remote control, is really a good thing, you can control the wall, but the price is too high, and only for its And some media center software, it can only be a meter of HTPC computer enthusiasts favorite; more than 20 yuan serial remote control we can consider less, because the serial board after the new motherboard is not available, such as the need for serial receiver can own DIY The

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