Principles Of Infrared Remote Control

- Sep 20, 2016-

There are many cars in the market. the electric device using the remote control, compared with the infrared remote control: industrial remote control simple, remote control distance by using ASK modulation to send, no direction, strong penetrability! Low error rate, safe, reliable, and loved by the majority of electronic enthusiasts!

1, remote control chip description

PT2262/PT2272 is Taiwan General city company production of a CMOS process manufacturing of low power low price General series decoding circuit, PT2262/PT2272 up can has 12 bit (A0-A11) three State address end tube feet (loft, received high level, received low level), any combination can provides 531441 address code, PT2262 up can has 6 bit (D0-D5) data end tube feet, set of address code and data code from 17 feet serial output, Can be used for wireless remote control transmitter.

PT2262 coding chip encoded signals: address code, data code, synchronous code form a complete code, decoder chip PT2272 received signal, the address code twice after checking, VT feet before output high level, while the corresponding output data feet high, if the sender has been holding down the button launch encoding chips also continuous. Dang transmitter no press by Xia Shi, PT2262 not connected power, its 17 feet for low level, so 315MHz of high frequency launches circuit not work, dang has press by Xia Shi, PT2262 have electric work, its 17th feet output by modulation of serial data signal, dang 17 feet for high level during 315MHz of high frequency launches circuit up vibration and launches, site high frequency signal, dang 17 feet for flat during 315MHz of high frequency launches circuit stop oscillation, so high frequency launches circuit completely received control Yu PT2262 17 foot digital signal output, which make for high frequency circuit amplitude shift keying (ASK modulated) is equivalent to 100% am modulation.

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