Performance Requirements For Remote Control

- Sep 21, 2016-

Appearance request includes the following aspects:
(1) the appearance of the remote control cannot have scratched, defaced, cracks, burrs, mildew, coating peeling and structural phenomena such as loose.
(2) battery cover does not fall off, battery spring can't rust.
(3) LCD display no cracking, black spots.
(4) remote pencil hardness of the surface is less than 2H, there should be no obvious scratches.
(5) characters, parts of the sign and finishing on the surface of the remote control should be legible, adhesion 2~3 n cm 2 Scotch tape flat on the above site, with his hands and a force perpendicular to the surface of the remote control, then quickly pulled down tape, characters, logos and finishing parts must not have come off.
(6) remote controller surfaces 60 ° c warm water, 20[%] salt, ethanol, edible oil, these items drop in the surface of the remote control, wipe with a soft cloth to dry, remote surface hardness and appearance are not abnormal, characters, logos and finishing parts should be clearly visible.
(7) press the key to load the remote control service life is not less than 100 000, respectively, press left, right, front and rear side released by 10N force applied, press completely reset, there must be no Kajian phenomenon.

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