No Scene, No Intelligence

- May 25, 2017-

Speaking of smart home, the first thing you might think about is a mobile APP, but when we get home? When you want to watch TV, you pull out your phone, unlock your phone, open your APP, find the control button, or do you want to press the remote control? Smart home from traditional tact switch to hand control, bring the remote control is convenient for the user, but this way is not applicable to our scenario that occupy the home, the user needs a more convenient way of interaction, can realize intelligent energy-saving control of family scene.



Spring waters energy saving as the cloud, cloud thermostat, cloud cloud remote control switch, socket, and a series of intelligent sheet is tasted, launched a cloud scene -- a whole new generation of intelligent remote control panel, with mobile phone APP complementary operation, one key switch trigger to realize easily the layout and life scenes.

When you walk into the house, click on the "cloud scene panel" the home key, corridor lamp, room lamp, lamp in turn open cloakroom, you only replace the leisure dress that occupy the home; After dinner to the family together to see a movie, click "cloud scene panel" theater keys, automatic isolation outside the light curtain, ordinal closed dome light, open the background light, atmosphere lamp, TV, av system, great theater immediately can present for you. Before going to bed will want to see the book, click on the "cloud scene panel" reading, the reading of the head of a bed lamp automatically open, but on the other side of the lamp to keep the original state, let you enjoy reading while not disturb the family rest. Sleeping time "cloud scene panel" sleep button, indoor lighting,, curtain, door locks, in turn, closed, air conditioning into sleep mode, the security system automatically start; When it is convenient to get up at night, click on the night key of the "cloud scene panel", the bed lamp, the hallway lamp, the toilet light turns on. All this is exactly the same as the scenario set up on the mobile APP, but you don't need to find your phone, unlock your phone, open your APP, and find a scene to start.

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