Introduction Of Bluetooth Remote Contorl Function

- May 02, 2017-

Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is a short-distance radio connection system, it can be linked to different electronic equipment. The principle is like a radio, equipped with Bluetooth electronic equipment, you can receive foreign messages, so as to carry out specific instructions. However, Bluetooth can not only receive, but also can "send", so equipped with Bluetooth electronic equipment, to communicate with each other.


Now, most of the computer accessories, such as printers, screens, etc., must be connected to the wire, can we exchange messages, but Bluetooth through its short-distance receiving system, you can make these accessories in the absence of the line, still Able to send instructions, so that the real "wireless" in the world.


For example, if a mobile phone is not connected to the telephone line, it can not "receive" the e-mail, but with the help of Bluetooth, the user can receive the e-mail via the mobile phone and then send it to the laptop. Do "wireless" Internet access.


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