In 2016, Huayun's Annual Meeting Is Very Exciting

- Dec 29, 2016-

   2017 will come soon. On the occasion of this year, December 24 and 25, Huayun held annual meeting and play. 24 night, we went to Longfeng Villa. In the evening, everyone with Karaoke ,had a good time.


   Look! These employees were enjoying themselves. What a warm picture! Hey, who singed nice? Who was the supreme singer? Now to win it! PK, Right Now! 


   Time flew, we played a night. Late at night, it iwas time to have a good sleep, tomorrow morning there would be 2016 annual summary of the General Assembly, could not be late.


   That morning was sunny, blue sky and white clouds. The annual meeting was a grand, solemn venue, also arranged a snack to the participants. You could feel careful.


   The seats were filled, and General Manager Lee delivered a speech, which began ...


    First of all, Miss Tan made a data report on the overall sales situation in 2016. She showed the results of this year's HuaYun. We can feel, HuaYun is on the upgrade, the strength of a trend which cannot be halted.


    Later, Director Liu made a presentation on the situation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade for one year. He gave a detailed analysis of the opportunities, challenges and future needs of foreign trade in 2016. Then, the Ministry of Commerce Tan, director of the electricity business this year to analyze the actual results. He said at the meeting that the current problem of the Ministry of Commerce has been resolved and the need to face the difficulties.


    Why is Hua Yun always able to meet the customer's remote control needs? That is because there is development to meet customers. As long as you want, I'll meet you. This is the answer from Jiang craftsmen.


    This year, Hua Yun has made good achievements, at the same time, of course, encountered some minor problems. However, precisely because the various departments of mutual cooperation, mutual supervision, "Hua Yun quality, customer peace of mind" to become the truth. The next were the annual reports of Purchasing, Production and Quality. See the problem, solve the problem, prevent the problem, and that's what they are.


    Finally, General Manager Tan made a summary. 2016 Hua Yun Annual Conference to pull the perfect curtain ... ...


    Did you think this is all? Huayun also went to Longfeng Villa to play, where a beautiful environment, fresh air, both can take a walk, take pictures, play a good place for mobile games. Look, people a lot of it! In the spare time, you need to give the body and mind a place where you can completely relax. Work and rest, that is here!


    In 2016, Hua Yun 10 years old. Congratulations to the 10-year-old Hua Yun birthday, and the same look forward to a brilliant decade under the Hua Yun!

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