I Got Old Iron! The Air Conditioning Remote Control Can Not Find What To Do?

- Jul 31, 2017-

Sorching summer comes, many people couldn't live with air conditioning, but, along with the increase in household appliances, may inadvertently, put air conditioning remote control each corner of the note, when need to switch the air conditioning, and can not find, at this time, we need not only a comprehensive check every corner of the house, and to prepare some loss of air conditioning remote control alternative.

First, if there is no remote control, it doesn't matter. Summer to use, only need to open the air-conditioner shell, and then to see a small hole on the side of the air conditioning is, is a restart button, you only need to use such things as ink stamp, will automatically open to 25 degrees now.

In addition, generally speaking, the same brand of remote control is universal. This means that as long as the brand is the same, no matter what type of air conditioning, you can use the same remote control. So if you have the same brand of air conditioner nearby, you can borrow the remote control. Sometimes not a brand of air conditioning remote control can also be worn, but I can't help it, dead horse to be a living horse doctor.

If this way doesn't work, if your mobile phone with an infrared function, only need to on the phone to download a air conditioning remote control software, everything will be OK, simple and quick, convenient and practical. With mobile phone remote control air conditioning, of course, you should ensure that the two aspects, one is your air conditioning is intelligent air conditioning can be mobile phone remote control, one is your mobile phone is a smartphone, can remote control of air conditioning.

Finally, and most conventional method, is to the brand stores to buy another one, although the price is higher, but can use 100%, also can avoid the tedious operation, compared with the above three kinds of methods, this method is the most sustainable.

Have to say, nowadays many modern intelligent air conditioning is a function of APP, if you are using an intelligent air conditioning, might as well open the phone APP to control the running status of air conditioning in the home, from then on, the remote control can quit the historical stage.

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