Hua Yun Staff Birthday Party In December

- Dec 31, 2016-

Cold winter night, there you are warm


Hua Yun, always quietly moved to you


Carefully arranged the venue, just want to make your birthday more exciting



This month, you have a birthday yet


Here is a group of good partners, happy birthday together



Before opening the cake box, let us beat the hammer shoulders, moving feet


All day long exhausted, disappeared


Candle on the cake, light is particularly warm


Hua Yun's staff, December Happy Birthday



Together hands, close your eyes, promise a wish


Open your eyes, who blew out the candles



Cake delicious also fun


Into a color cat, is the brightest makeup tonight



The game can not be less, playing the joy of grab the chair


The final championship was born from here



This game I can do, burst balloon enough to lively


Here, the birthday party also quietly to the end



Next year, do you expect surprises?

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