How Universal TV Remote Control To Achieve Full Control?

- Dec 21, 2016-


   I believe, you must have to understand how powerful universal TV remote control. As long as there is such a remote control can control other remote control. So, what makes it powerful? In understanding the universal remote control "control" ability, the first to understand the general part of the remote control, from these parts to understand the universal remote control.


   First, the infrared part. Remote control is using infrared light-emitting diodes.First, the infrared part. Remote control using infrared light-emitting diodes. Typically, the infrared emission tube wavelength: between 850nm to 980nm, because it is used for close family without the need for high power, and there is no red storm observed in the phenomenon. Therefore, the general remote control is used 940nm infrared diodes, almost all of the infrared remote control are unified. For the remote control receiver, specifically designed for the wavelength of the infrared receiver diode. At the wavelength, the infrared signal to send and receive is no obstacle.


   The second is the encoding. Early remote control is very simple, and there is no coding. For example, the ultrasonic remote control, pinch "squeak", lights, and then pinch "squeak" light off. The corresponding action is simple but susceptible to interference.On the infrared remote control, there are a large number of naturally occurring natural and other sources of infrared, can cause malfunction. At this time, the remote control output of the infrared pulse encoding, and the receiver to decode, you can effectively avoid malfunction, and can also set a different code to correspond to different actions.


   Here we talk about the problem of coding devices, and now are integrated. fInfrared remote control coding chip so many types, such as M50462AP, TC9012F011, SAA3010T, UPD1986C, etc., using the same chip remote control can be universal. We look at TV remote control, such as M50462AP chip and processor M50436-560SP for a variety of TV models, such as Konka, Changhong, and these remote control can be used interchangeably.


   In addition, the universal infrared remote control built-in a variety of different types of chip encoding, like a password this. You can choose one by one different encoding mode corresponding to the test, until the corresponding code is selected, you can remote control of the designated electrical. The learning remote control needs to align the original remote control with the transmitter of the learning type remote control, and also has a receiving device installed in its transmitting port for recording and reproducing when receiving the infrared code issued by the original remote controller storage. So that after the completion of learning, press the specified button, you can record the remote control code to recover from the launch, and thus play the same role as the original remote control, the equivalent of 'repeater'.


   In addition to the above situation, there is also a situation. Although the remote control code number up to 32 bits, and also the binary code has a long and short. However, due to code limitations, even if the encoding chip used is different, there may be just two remote control of several key coding is the same situation, especially the short or simple coding more easily. If the remote control's volume key is exactly the same as the start key code of another remote control, there is a situation where the remote control can control one of the operations of the other remote control. And such a phenomenon, when you try to universal remote control can be seen.

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