How To Create Smart Lighting System For High-end Customization Of VIFA

- Aug 14, 2017-

High-end household custom brand high-end custom VIFA wei method on the basis of function and performance, according to people's behavior, the body's physiological structure and psychological condition, people's way of thinking and so on, optimize the product, make the operation to achieve more ideal state. The lighting design in the home design can bring convenience to the space operation, it is also the means to embody the soul of the design, which is endowed with special purpose, style, depth, emotion, color and atmosphere. Since its launch, VIFA VIFA high-end customized products have been favored by many consumers, especially with a beautiful and functional lighting system, which adds color to the whole space. The collocation of the light system of weifa, besides beautiful, practical, also consider the stability after long-term use, offer a variety of choice for the customer.

From the control mode, VFA method high-end customization smart lighting system mainly has the following control methods. Their main features are:

I. automatic induction mode:

Open the wardrobe lighting switch, the customer enters the closet, open the cabinet, the floor lamp automatically lights up; Open the cupboard door, the inner laminates of the cabinet are automatically lit up and close out; After the client left the closet, the light of the open cabinet and the floor lamp was delayed. This kind of lighting design is more intelligent, different light type is controlled, very practical and convenient, but its line structure is relatively complicated, relatively costly.

Ii. Normal mode:

Open the special lighting switch of the wardrobe and open all lights (including the inner laminated lamp); Turn off the switch and all lights are off. The advantage is that the line structure is simple and stable, and can be "fully open and closed" by one key.

In addition, VIFA VIFA high-end customization has worked well in some detail design, providing customers with the most convenient and humanized lighting collocation system.

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Embedded long strip lamp: collocation open ark, glass door chest cabinet interior design. Complement the light source inside the cabinet, build the visual sense of warm and elegant.

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Anchor wire embedded lights: method using microwave induction control mode, according to master control switch in and out of the situation, but also gradually light up the light of design, night into the kitchen will not be strong smooth dazzling.

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Clothing can be embedded LED lamp: provide local lighting, take clothes more convenient.

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