How Does The TV Remote Control Work

- Nov 30, 2018-

How does the TV remote control work?

The TV remote control mainly relies on an integrated circuit (also known as a chip) to send commands. The chip is packaged in an 18-pin dual in-line package (dual in-line package, abbreviated as DIP). On the right side of the chip, you can see a diode, a transistor (black with three pins), a resonator (yellow), two resistors (green), and a capacitor (dark blue). There is also a resistor (green) and a capacitor (small brown disc) next to the battery contacts. In this circuit, the chip can detect when a button has been pressed. Then, it encodes the button information in the form of Morse code, and the code of each button is different. The chip sends these signals to the transistor for amplification to enhance the signal.

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