Hard Candy Wireless Smart Remote Control, Easily Realize Mobile Phone Control Appliances

- Jul 26, 2017-

Wireless smart remote control, directly convert infrared to WIFI, easily realize mobile phone control TV, set-top box, air conditioner, speaker box and other appliances. And it can be controlled remotely. With it, no remote control is needed. The cow?? It's also easy to implement, as long as you have WIFI and a smartphone in your home.

Have to be surprised, the technology is really changed life now!

InPlug hard candy infrared wifi intelligent converter, automatically matches the cloud panel, a key download can be controlled remotely. On his way home from work, with mobile phone remote ahead of open air conditioning, home can enjoy a comfortable temperature, 315/433 MHZ rf remote control, launch infrared control improve the capacity from 8 to 15 meters, rf signal coverage is extensive.

"Intelligent household, scene linkage" when the sensor detects the light dimmed, high temperature, low temperature, the lamp will automatically open, open refrigeration air-conditioning automatic mode, humidifier start working automatically

Real-time remote control, timed remote control, remote control and three kinds of remote-control methods, get rid of many remote controls and simply set up to enjoy the life convenience brought by intelligence.

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