Do You Know The Difference Between Industrial Remote Control And Civil Remote Control?

- Dec 01, 2016-

    Now, in people's eyes, a variety of electrical appliances is not something that can be surprising. At the same time, all kinds of remote control has become an indispensable thing for the masses. However, can you tell the difference between industrial remote control and civil remote control? Now let Hua Yun industry tell you one by one:


    We have seen a lot of civilian remote control, such as TV remote control, air conditioning, etc., but the industrial remote control is rarely seen. First of all, we understand what is the industrial remote control.It is a device which uses the radio transmission to carry on the long-distance operation to the industrial machinery, and the emission device which is made by the wireless transmission circuit board controls the operation of the industrial machinery. Industrial remote control precision, sensitivity, signal coherence, anti-interference, remote control distance, waterproof and dustproof, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance and other technical parameters than civilian remote high. Industrial remote control can adapt to a variety of harsh environment, the launch of the circuit board to control the operation of industrial machinery. These are the reasons why the industrial remote control can not be replaced by the civil remote control.


    However, some greedy small businessmen change the outer shell of the civilian remote control to the industrial remote control,and then put it as an industrial remote control sold to the enterprise. Civil wireless remote control used in industrial safety equipment is not guaranteed. Although the price is cheap, but the quality and safety can not be guaranteed. This is why industrial remote control is different from civil remote control. It seems that the use of remote control or industrial remote control, need to find a "good reputation, security," a good manufacturer, such as Hua Yun Industry, focus and professional, sincere and good service.


    Dongguan Hua Yun Industrial Co. Ltd. focus on remote manufacturing more than 10 years, with rich experience in design and development, quality control, production management team; to the TV, set-top box, OTT, stereo, air conditioning and other audio-visual and multimedia devices provide complete remote control solution; welcome the customer consultation: 0769-89029555.

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