Bluetooth Remote Control Can Not Be Used On Television, And How to Solve?

- Dec 29, 2016-

Encountered such a problem, we must first determine the problem is the remote control or TV.


Judgment: Use the TV button to see if you can control.


If the TV button can not control, it is the TV system softwares problem. Try turning the TV off and then on to see if the TV button is available.


When you find the TV button can be manipulated, and the remote control can not be controlled, you need to confirm the following step by step:


Step 1: Make sure that the red indicator light on the remote control is illuminated one time


(1), If the remote control light does not shine: to confirm whether the remote control battery voltage is greater than 2V; to confirm whether the battery installed anti-

(2), If the remote control lights once: to confirm whether the remote control can be paired with the TV.


Step 2: Determine whether the remote control is successfully paired with the TV


(1) If the pairing is successful, it is judged that the television is mismatched by the other remote controller;

(2), If the pairing is not successful, you need to confirm whether the phone's Bluetooth can search to TV and TV Bluetooth can search to other TV Bluetooth or mobile phone Bluetooth.


Step 3: To deal with can be found to TV Bluetooth


(1), If not found, then determine the TV's Bluetooth protocol problems. You can try to turn off the TV and then see whether the search to Bluetooth;

(2), If the search to, then change the same model remote control to test. If you can pair after replacing the remote control, it is judged as a remote control problem. Re-install the battery, if still can not match, determine the remote control hardware failure.


The above method is effective to solve your troubles yet?

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