Application Errors Of Computer Remote Control

- Apr 26, 2017-

1. Some users want to use the remote control to chat in QQ, typing, but no matter what remote control manufacturers say, the remote control input can only be used as auxiliary input, if you need a lot of typing recommended wireless keyboard;


2. remote control mouse can do some simple mouse operation,but we would like to recommended to use the wireless mouse. Real mouse feel is the remote control mouse can not match; some remote control mouse arrow key is the disc design, but in fact only four Direction keys, tens of dollars price is not possible with the mouse structure, there are many users that is the mouse;


3, if you want to use the remote control to play the game, it is recommended to use a professional game remote control.


4. The main advantages of computer remote control is easy to operate, a key in place, such as the player's pause, mute a key to get, this is the keyboard and mouse can not match.


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