Air Conditioner Remote Control Used To Remotely Control The Mechanical Device

- Jul 28, 2017-

Air Conditioner Remote Control Used to remotely control the mechanical device

- remote control of each of us may have used, then how does it work? Here is a brief introduction:

The remote control is a device for remote control of the machine. The modern remote control is mainly composed of integrated circuit boards and buttons used to generate different messages. Its launch principle is mainly through the infrared light-emitting diodes, which is actually a special light-emitting diodes, because of its internal material is different from the ordinary light-emitting diodes, so when the two ends of the application of a certain voltage, it is issued by the infrared Not visible light.

The remote control can be divided into two categories: physical remote control and remote control applications. Physical remote control is mainly remote control of the kind, such as air conditioning remote control and so on. The remote control application is now mainly the Internet products, Apple stores and Andrews market can be found, that is, the software installed on the phone, and then you open the software when the phone will become a remote control to control the corresponding content The Remote control button, the remote control button is not expected to pay attention, but the author will be very concerned about why, for a good remote control, the button is very important, small places will affect the overall, as a remote control remote Control object, a direct impact on the use of remote control function, the relationship between the remote control of the life cycle.

      Remote control buttons can be divided according to the material can be divided into three categories, one is hard plastic, one is soft, a paste glue. Hardware buttons are now rarely seen, because the hard rubber keys with uncomfortable, so the market is relatively rare, but very durable. The second is the soft, soft rubber keys are common, but also today's most popular, the user's favorite material, use it very touch, the software is the most commonly used silicone key, we all know, silicone material is better, feel Good, to meet the daily life of the public, businesses can also be willing to use, but we also know that silicone is also seen in the daily more, the use of a wide range of relatively high prices, because the silicone durable, so some businesses save the cost of ordinary soft Glue button, there will be remote control button in the years of gradual erosion erase. There is a kind of paste glue, which in daily life, in the ultra-thin type of remote control use the most, but also suitable for ultra-thin, feel like general, durability is the lowest. First ABS characteristics for remote control products, ABS material is a copolymer, a combination of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene characteristics, although that can not 1 +1 +1> 3, but also 1 +1 + 1> 2, ABS material gathered acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene characteristics such as strong resistance, good heat resistance, at the same time with anti-general chemical drugs, is a good material, worth shaping, This is the martial arts film that is good physique, it is suitable for remote control shell requirements, because the remote control in daily life in contact with many people, the environment is different, so the shell has a very good request, such as resistance to drop, anti-distortion , Resistance to temperature difference, anti-ordinary chemical substances, but these features are ABS material long term, so the remote control needs ABS material, with ABS material can be very good to meet the daily use. But not to say that the remote control must be ABS material, but ABS material is currently the most suitable for remote control.

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