Air Conditioner Remote Control Remote Control Technology

- Oct 10, 2017-

Air Conditioner Remote Control Remote control technology

Infrared remote control failure which is usually the case? According to my more than 20 years to study the remote control technology and maintenance of remote control practical experience, that may lead to remote control failure of the unit circuit mainly in the following areas, the specific infrared remote control manufacturers for your detailed introduction.

1. Keyboard matrix unit circuit failure

As the remote control in use for the switch between the functions must be operated by the keyboard matrix circuit on the key switch to complete, so the operation of the keyboard frequency is very high, the unit circuit failure rate is relatively high, especially on the button Of the conductive rubber easy to wear, easy to aging, in which the role of aging in the remote control of the largest proportion of failure. Aging phenomenon mainly for its surface resistance and volume resistors are greatly increased, followed by the performance of the occurrence of cracks and deformation. Aging will cause the key interdigital (ie, key contact) can not be effectively connected, encoding the integrated circuit keyboard instruction input port can not effectively identify the key information of the operation keys, of course, it is impossible to output the corresponding function Remote command signal. When too much pressing the button, there is the possibility of turning on the key contact, so the aging of the keys occasionally effective.

Key matrix circuit Another prone to failure is the key bit interdigital plate. The early key interdigital plate is made with copper foil on the printed circuit board. As the copper foil is easily oxidized and rusty, it is not too wearable. Therefore, it is easy to produce poor key contact, and the key function is insensitive The In recent years, the gradual use of carbon film printing process, so that the electrical reliability of the interdigital plate has been greatly improved, the use of performance has been significantly improved, but the manufacturers of the product level and quality of the uneven situation, some carbon Film strength is poor, the original carbon film texture is relatively brittle, when the remote control by the impact or repair of the interdigital discs improperly handled, it is likely to cause the carbon fence interrupted, broken block (local shedding) and other damage.

There is also a factor in the destruction of the keyboard matrix circuit, that is, some users for some reason, in the operation of the remote control when the fierce pressure to press the button, so easily lead to conductive rubber and carbon cable interdigital damage. And because the printed circuit board is subject to a strong pressure after a certain degree of deformation, so its printed carbon film lines or copper foil lines are also very easy to damage, the common phenomenon of the line in the cross-direction of the crack, resulting in contact unpleasant sight.

2. The reference oscillation unit circuit is faulty

In the reference oscillation unit circuit, the ceramic resonator is a wearing element. Severe mechanical vibration, moisture and its own reasons, etc., can make its resonant frequency changes, this change once beyond the coding integrated circuit on the baseline oscillation frequency tolerance requirements, will occur remote control failure, the circumstances will cause serious Remote control failure.

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