Air Conditioner Remote Control Key Disorder

- Sep 26, 2017-

Air Conditioner Remote Control Key disorder

Remote control keys are not a lot of people are very upset, for what? It is because the life of a small lock things, a direct impact on life.

      The general remote control with 5 to 8 years will appear buttonless situation, this is a very common thing, not to mention the remote control, old people will have such and such a situation, the remote control is also the time of aging There is no violent abuse survived the remote control will appear button does not work, there are many reasons.

      The general button is not key to the wrong situation, the key error as I was on the No. 1, the results of the TV station on the 5th, if you can make sure the TV no problem, that is, the remote control at play. This is a situation inside the remote control code is wrong or the chip is broken, generally have to change.

        There is a key is not the key to the situation is a button can not press or need to be very strong to press, this situation is very common, the old remote control will have such a situation, this is because the remote control of the colloidal conductive layer The problem is that the conductive powder of the colloid is worn and the touch can not be touched. Remote control button, the remote control button is not estimated that many people pay attention, but the author will be very careful, why, because for a good remote control, the button is very important, the tiny place will affect the overall, the key as a remote control directly Control object, a direct impact on the use of remote control function, the relationship between the remote control of the life cycle.

      Remote control buttons can be divided according to the material can be divided into three categories, one is hard glue, one is soft, a paste glue. Hardware buttons are now rarely seen, because the hard rubber keys with uncomfortable, so the market is relatively rare, but very durable. The second is the soft, soft rubber keys are common, but also today's most popular, the user's favorite material, use it very touch, the software is the most commonly used silicone key, we all know, silicone material is better, feel Good, to meet the daily life of the public, businesses can also be willing to use, but we also know that silicone is also seen in the daily more, the use of a wide range of relatively high prices, because the silicone durable, so some businesses save the cost of ordinary soft Glue button, there will be remote control button in the years of gradual erosion erase. There is a kind of adhesive, which in daily life, in the ultra-thin type remote control the most used, but also suitable for ultra-thin, feel like general, durability is the lowest.

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