Air Conditioner Remote Control Dehumidification Mode

- Oct 18, 2017-

Air Conditioner Remote Control Dehumidification mode

What are the features of a high-quality remote control? Need to have the following four functions, the specific by the remote control manufacturers for your detailed introduction.

remote control

1. Suitable for coded infrared remote control household appliances;

2. A remote control can remote control more than one household appliances;

3. With a learning / control multiplexing key, 5 ~ 10 device selection keys, 10 ~ 20 function control keys, by a device selection key and each function control key to achieve a device control;

4. Through a device selection key and the various function control keys to achieve the common function of multiple devices to learn and control. Hot summer came, many places the temperature is getting higher and higher, afraid of hot little partners have begun to use air conditioning. However, enjoy the cool at the same time, Cengceng rub to the rising electricity also let the big brother heart drops of blood. Air conditioning remote control board on the "independent dehumidification" this sign, I wonder if we have noticed? This function is not, be white! Summer, as long as the air conditioning mode from the "cooling" into "dehumidification", you can not spend a lot of money, let the house as cool as a refrigerator.

The higher the humidity, the body's body temperature will increase with the body. Dehumidification mode is so magical, and this principle has a certain relationship. When the dehumidification mode is on, the indoor dryer will remain at low speed and the compressor will be intermittently operated so that it will circulate continuously so that the room temperature is kept near the set temperature and the moisture in the air can be removed in large quantities.

The "air-conditioning" mode, air conditioning compressor and hair dryer will continue to operate until the indoor temperature reaches a low temperature will automatically shut down, so more power.

When the air conditioning dehumidification function is used, the air in the air is condensed into water when the room air is sucked by the fan of the indoor unit and passed through the evaporator. Air relative humidity by more than 70% before dehumidification (sauna days uncomfortable feeling), down to about 50%, giving a comfortable feeling of dry.

The wireless remote control can receive and write down another wireless remote control code format, which can then be used to control the code that can recognize this code. For example, you have a device that only receives a wireless remote control code, and then you buy a TV with a wireless remote control with a self-learning function;

Self-learning function of the wireless remote control will receive and write down your device to receive the remote control signal, and then you can also use self-learning wireless remote control to control the device, you do not have to enter the wireless remote control code, wireless remote control will own Accept and store the remote control signal of another wireless remote control. Because the wireless remote control I can not control a device, so all of the self-learning remote control can be considered a versatile wireless remote control.

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